Reacties op de Behandeling


“No reason to keep him in our school because he doesn’t learn”


How do I describe the joy as my son began doing things we never thought he would?
He didn’t draw pictures nor understand why one should. Oh, he’d put colour where he was told, even the correct colour, but somehow it wasn’t colouring. He could count more-or-less correctly, but he didn’t understand values of seven being more than three, or of two being less than six.

We began reflex training with Marjolein in May (2014). By August she was asking what I’d noticed different... Blank.
In October numbers suddenly took on a form- as he counted even higher. What is the biggest number? He asked and delighted in infinity.
There was PTA in November and he drew it. Recognisably.
In February I saw how his colouring had become vibrant beautifully coloured pictures, using a range of bright strong colours.
His speech has changed beyond recognition from stammering rambling stories to detailed interesting descriptions of events, taking place where I had not seen.
He enjoys riding his bike and can skip when he wants.

There have been downsides; the two months when he didn’t fall asleep till 10 pm each night and exercise only got him awake longer. He was pale with grey shadows under his eyes and then... Like it came.. it passed.
Then the food issue. From when he was small he’d taste anything and either say “only a bit please” or approve and enjoy. Now dinnertime we eat sandwiches. No peanut butter or any form of fish, and honey isn’t acceptable. Only apricot jam (maybe he’d agree for strawberry too, but I didn’t try yet).

I know this too shall pass, but now as we are nearly at the point of one year, I wait eagerly to see what miracle we get next. Because that is what it is for me!

Be aware; in September there was “no reason to keep him in our school because he doesn’t learn”. And now the headmaster says “I was mistaken”.